Building South Afica's first black owned and controlled bank with R1 000 at a time to ensure the economic emancipation of black people

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South Africa’s Economic transformation project needs a ground up approach centred around financial services where black people club together to fund their own enterprises.

Eyezizwe has been established to respond to that call. Established in 2017 as a Non-Racial, Autonomous Association of members united voluntarily to meet their common economic and social needs through a jointly owned and democratically controlled financial enterprise.

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I know and believe that we can all do this.
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Oupa Pilane

Chairman, Eyezizwe Financial Institution

Eyezizwe Co-operative Financial Institution (CFI)


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The vision is to finally establish a commercial bank that will focus on the economic emancipation of black people as it will be largely owned and operated by black people.


Become a shareholder with R1 000 per month

By contributing a non-refundable R1000.00 and R1000.00 for an initial period of 36 months, each member will become a shareholder. The contributions will then be used to build the Capital Reserves that will be collectively owned by the members and will serve as a capital requirement to register the commercial bank.

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